E-ISSN No: 2455 - 7218

P-ISSN No: 0019 - 4468

Listed in UGC Care

Year : 2023 Issue: 2 Volume: 103

Plant and fungal-based meat analogues for mitigating the impacts of global warming

K. R. Shivanna

Original Article | Published: 25-May-2023

Changing trends in pteridology:I. A reference to ophioglossum L

Hit K. Goswami

Original Article | Published: 15-Jun-2023

In-vitro and in-vivo antioxidant potential and GC-MS profile of Argemone mexicana L.

Mahendra Singh and Vimala Yerramilli*

Original Article | Published: 15-May-2023

Factors influencing production of L-asparaginase by three thermophilic fungi

R. Ranjith Kumar1, E. Rajendar Reddy2, S. Girisham1, S.M. Reddy3

Original Article | Published: 18-May-2023

Post-harvest diseases of grapes and their control: Some aspects

Nagaraju D, Manoharachary C

Original Article | Published: 20-May-2023

Corynandra felina (L.f.) Cochrane and Iltis (Cleomaceae), a new record to the angiospermic flora of Kerala

Sangeetha Suran1,2* Sunilkumar T. Pillai2

Original Article | Published: 12-Jun-2023