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Assessment of antioxidative potential of different plant parts of Hippophae rhamnoides and H. salicifolia from Kinnaur and Lahaul (Himachal Pradesh)


Tanzom Negi


The present study was carried out to investigate the comparative account of antioxidative properties of various parts (leaf, bark, fruit and seed) of Hippophae rhamnoides and H. salicifolia from Himachal Pradesh by employing the DPPH assay and pyrogallol autoxidation assay. The stated assays were performed by involving the methanol and distilled water extracts of the plant parts. The findings from the adopted assays reveled all tested plant parts of the Hippophae genotypes to possess substantial antioxidative properties. In general, methanol proved to be a better solvent for extraction of the antioxidant components as evident from substantially stronger antioxidant activities of the methanolic extracts than those of the water extracts. There were quantitative variations regarding the antioxidative potential of different plant parts. Thus, the seed extracts exhibited significantly higher antioxidant properties than other tested plant parts. Likewise, the species/population specific differences were observed. For example, the antioxidant potential of leaf extracts was found to be in the following descending order: H. salicifolia>H. rhamnoides Kinnaur population >H. rhamnoides Lahaul population. The observations strengthen the importance of Hippophae leaf, bark, pulp and seed as a potent source of natural antioxidants with implications for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical product development.


Pages: 148-155

Doi Number 10.5958/2455-7218.2022.00021.3

Keywords Antioxidative properties, DPPH radical, Pyrogallol autoxidation, Sea buckthorn, Superoxide dismutase