E-ISSN No: 2455 - 7218

P-ISSN No: 0019 - 4468

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Tissue Zn and P concentrations and certain biochemical constituents of Ocimum sanctum L. as influenced by varying Zn levels and P fertilization in alluvial soil (Entisol)

Sanjoli Tripathi, S.N. Pandey*

Experiment was conducted to study the effects of various levels of zinc (nil, 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 ppm) and a normal dose of phosphorus fertilizer (50 mg kg-1) amendment in an alluvial soil (Entisol), omitted native soil (control) on some biochemical responses (pigments and protein contents, and activity of catalase and peroxidase) of Ocimum sanctum L. Tissue concentration of zinc and phosphorus was also determined. Soil properties were evaluated (texture sandy loam, pH 7.6, organic matter 3.8% , , N 85 and P 62 mg kg-1, and extractable Zn 0.62, Cu 0.31 and Fe 5.5 ppm) before the transplantations of plants. Phosphorus fertilization could not influenced tissue-Zn and above biochemical constituents determined up to 2.5 ppm Zn amended soil, whereas its higher doses (5 and 10 ppm Zn) reduced tissue-P and biochemical constituents in O. sanctum leaves.


Keywords Alluvial soil, Ocimum sanctum, Phosphorus, Zinc fertilization