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Taxonomic diversity of genus Trachelomonas (Ehrenberg, 1835) in wetlands of bhagalpur district, Bihar, India

Shadia Rahman* and Sunil K. Choudhary

While working on algal taxonomy in wetlands of Bhagalpur district, Bihar during December 2020 to June 2022, the authors came across some interesting members of Euglenoids i.e. Euglena, Phacus, Lepocinclis, Strombomonas, Trachelomonas, Cyclidiopsis and Colacium. The algal samples were collected seasonally from the wetlands located in the sixteen blocks of Bhagalpur district (Latitude-N 25.253391/Longitude- E 86.989059). In this study, 19 taxa of Trachelomonas were recorded from the various wetlands under investigation. The present study aimed to prepare a subordinate zone based on taxonomical and morphological understanding for freshwater genus Trachelomonas which might be helpful in improving the taxonomic system of the genus. Trachelomonas community in the present study included the following taxa: Trachelomonas bernardi, T. caudata, T. curta, T. lacustris, T. superba, T. vermiculosa, T. volvocina, T. verrucosa var. spirogyra, T. volvocinopsis, T. lefevrei, T. sydneyensis, T. pseudocaudata, T. verrucosa f. sparseornata, T. similis, T. hispida, T. planctonica, T. annulifera, T. dangeardiana and T. flava.

Keywords Euglenoids, Freshwater, Species diversity, Trachelomonas