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Plants of the Kalidasa’s Meghaduta

R.L.S. Sikarwar

Kalidasa was a greatest poet, writer and playwright of Sanskrit literature. He was a court poet greatest king Vikramaditya of Ujjain around 1st century BCE and was one of his nine gems. Kalidasa is the author of two Mahakavyas- Kumarasambhavam and Raghuvamsa, two Khandkavyas- Ritusamharam and Meghadutam and three plays Abhigyanasakuntalam, Malavikagnimitram and Vikramorvasiyam. Among these, Meghaduta is considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces of Sanskrit literature. The Meghaduta literally meaning Cloud Messenger is a lyratic poem written by Kalidasa in northern India. The poem consists of 120 stanzas and divided into two parts, Purvamegha and Uttara-megha. The author has critically gone through the Sanskrit version of famous work Meghadutam and information based on description and distribution of plants has been recorded and presented in this paper.

Keywords Plants, Kalidasa, Meghaduta