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P-ISSN No: 0019 - 4468

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In depth analysis of vegetative wormbush: Morphology and anatomy

Saloni P. Kothari and Devangi P. Chachad

Spigelia anthelmia L. being a medicinal credence is suggested to be an important herbal drug. Leaves are commonly prescribed for many homeopathic treatments like helminthiasis, asthma, cardiac disorders, neuralgia, iritis and many more, in spite of being known for its poisonous nature. The whole plant and its parts are used for various ailments. Knowing morphology and anatomy are the simplest methods used for the correct identification of any plant. This study reveals the macroscopical and anatomical features of the whole plant of S. anthelmia, which will be helpful to detect the adulteration if any.

Keywords 10.61289/jibs2024.01.30.1200