E-ISSN No: 2455 - 7218

P-ISSN No: 0019 - 4468

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Free radical scavenging activity of some edible macrofungi from Gorakhpur district

Pratima Vishwakarma

Macrofungi are heterotrophic life form which are very specific in their growth requirements. They can grow in variety of habitat. In present work six wild edible macrofungi viz., Cantharellus subalbidus Smith & Morse, Lentinus connatus Berk, Macrolepiota rhacodes (Vittad.) Vellinga, Termitomyces heimii K. Natarajan, Volvariella bombycina (Schaeff.) Singer and Volvariella volvacea (Bull.) Singer were evaluated for their antioxidant activity. Antioxidant activity was found to be higher in all macrofungi tested. It has direct relation with phenol content. C. subalbidus contains the highest phenol (41.41±0.12mg/g) and lowest EC50 value for antioxidant. DPPH scavenging activity was found to be 3.251±0.09 mg/ml while β carotene bleaching assay for it was 1.532±0.017 mg/ml. All the tested macrofungi possesses good free radical scavenging activity hence validating its importance as strong antioxidant supplement.

Keywords antioxidant, β carotene, DPPH, In-vitro, macrofungi