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Ecofriendly plant-based alternatives to replace disposable plastic straws

K. R. Shivanna

Waste management of plastic has been one of the main ecological problems throughout the world. As they are nondegradable, they remain in landflls and sea for hundreds of years. Also microplastics have become a major health hazard for humans as well as animals. Disposable plastic straws have become very popular around the world as they are convenient to use and cheaper. Waste management of single use plastic in general and disposable plastic straws in particular has become a serious problem and public has been demanding banning of such plastic products. The success of such a step depends on the availability of ecofriendly alternatives. Now many alternatives, largely from plant sources, are available. They include reusable as well as disposable straws. Reusable straws are made from bamboos and also from steel, glass and silicon. Disposable straws are made from plant products such as paper, grass, sugar cane bagasse, coconut leaves, and ground cofee. Even edible straws prepared from pasta, corn, rice four and tapioca, and seaweeds are now available. Reusable bamboo straws and all disposable straws are compostable and biodegradable. Governments worldwide have started banning single use plastics. Hopefully, these measures combined with public receptivity for eco-friendly items would soon lead to complete replacement of plastic straws with eco-friendly straws

Keywords : Ecofriendly straws, Edible straws, Limitations of plastic straws, Straws from plant products, Waste management of plastics