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P-ISSN No: 0019 - 4468

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Diversity of rhizobium in the rhizosphere soils and its efficacy in the mitigation of N2 fixation of two agroforestry tree species of different agroedaphic areas of the Godavari belt region

S. K. A. Hussain1,2, Dayakar Govindu1 , Suresh Lapaka1 and Srinivas Podeti1*

The experiment was carried out to study the characteristics of different rhizobial strains isolated from the rhizosphere soils of two agroforestry tree species from 24 locations of Northern Telangana. A total of 372 Rhizobial isolates (178 isolates from Acacia nilotica and 194 from Albizia lebbeck) were screened for PGP attributes. The Rhizobial isolates with at least one or more PGP attributes were selected for further study. The ability of Rhizobial isolates to produce Indole from both the host plants under the influence of four metabolites was studied. The efficiency of Rhizobial isolates varied from one location to another location and was also differs in the host plant. Nitrogenase activity was observed in proportionate to the number of nodules in each plant. The root colonization efficiency attained maximum in 30 days, and gradually decreased in 60 days. Seed germination efficiency was found to be influenced by nitrogenase activity. The phylogenetic analysis revealed the isolate to be 99% homology to rhizobia

Keywords : Rhizobium, Albizia lebbeck, Acacia nilotica, N2 fixation and IAA