Guidelines for the Contributors

The Journal of the Indian Botanical Society welcomes original research papers including short communications and critical scientific reviews highlighting present status and an overview of the past work on topics of current interest. All the authors of an article must be active members of the Indian Botanical society.

Submission of the manuscript

The manuscript should be sent to Prof. Y. Vimala, Chief Editor, JIBS, Department of Botany, C.C.S. University, Meerut (U.P.) - 250004, through email : A declaration that (a) all authors are members and (b) the paper contains unpublished data in the related field of research, and (c) there is no conflict of interest, should be sent along with the paper. If requested for revision, revised manuscript should be submitted to the Chief Editor at the same email. For all correspondence, MS No. provided by the Chief Editor will be required.

Format of the manuscript

The manuscript should be typed in double space, Times New Roman, 12 - font size, normal margin in Windows 7.0 MS Office 7-10. MS Office, Photographs should be in JPG or JPEG format. Original text, figures, line diagrams (on good quality tracing paper), black and white or coloured photographs must be submitted, in hard copy as well.

Title of the paper should be short and in all capital letters, bold (14 font size) centered near the top of the first page.

Author's(s') name(s) should be in bold, all capitals (12 font size) and affiliations in title case in italics.

Arrangement of the text should be-Abstract,Introduction,MaterialsandMethods, Observations/Results,Discussion and Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References. All these subheadings should be in upper case (capitalletters) and sub-subheadings in title case. Abstract should be in 9-font size, as brief as possible, followed by keywords(maximum 5) arranged in alphabetic order and separated by comma, followed by a short running title.


Figures should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. Line diagrams and inscriptions should be legible keeping in mind they may be reduced. Labeling should also be properly stenciled. Legends of the figures should be brief and self explanatory.

Tables should also be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals (Table-1, 2 ... ) with a self - explanatory title.

Abbreviations should be explained in foot notes, otherwise standard abbreviations should be used, e.g.: ml (milliliter), g (gram), l (liter), kDa (kilo Dalton), kb (kilo base) and symbols e.g.: α, β, μ, etc. All Latin binomial names should be italicized.

References should be arranged in alphabetical order in the following style:


Singh D, Chauhan SVS and Kinoshita T 1989 Effect of some gametocides on pollen sterility and anther development incotton (Gossypium arboreum). J Fac Agric Hokkaido Uni Japan 64 75-80.


Raghavan V 1997 Developmental Biology of Flowering Plants. Springer-Verlag, New York

Proceedings: Sahu PK and Sahu TR 2005 Threat assessment as per IUCN. In: National symposium on emerging technologies and their Application in Assessment, conservation, management of threatened wild medicinal plants and  their habitat Pp 7-8

Chapter of a book:

Cross JW and Schulz PL 1997 Chemical induction of male sterility. In: Pollen Biotechnology for Crop Production and Improvement, eds. Shivanna KR & Sawhney VK Cambridge University Press, London. Pp 218-236. Please avoid the reference of Ph.D. thesis as far as possible.

In the text, references should appear as Cross and Schulz (1997) or (Cross and Schulz 1997). A comma should be placed between two references, within the same parenthesis, after the year. All papers are reviewed by members of Editorial Board or external referees. The comments of referees/ editors are communicated to the authors for revision and incorporation of suggestions, before the paper is finally accepted by the Chief Editor.

After acceptance, the corresponding author will be sent a galley proof of paper which should be carefully checked and returned to the Chief Editor within a week of receipt, otherwise the paper will be published in the next issue.Manuscript, not accepted for publication, will not be returned, unless specially requested.

Hard copy of reprints will not be provided. Authors will be entitled to get a pdf of their paper, which will be uploaded on Authors will be required to pay (printing) pagination charge of Rs. 200/- perblack and white printed page and an extra Rs. 2000/- per coloured plate, if desired, at the time of sending the correctedgalley proofs. The DD be prepared in favour of Business Manager, IBS, payble at Meerut or through NEFT to A/c 50001191116, IFSC: ALLA0210144.

Book Review

Two copies of the book (non-refundable) will have to be submitted to the Chief Editor.

Advertisements and Business Affairs Please write to Dr. Alka Srivastava , Associate Editor, Dept of Botany,  University of Lucknow, Lucknow-250004.

Note 1

Acceptance of manuscripts for publication in JIBS shall automatically mean transfer of copyright to JIBS.