Award Achievers




The Birbal Sahni Medal was  instituted in 1957 by Prof. T. S. Sadasivan to commemorate the memory of Prof. Birbal Sahni, his revered teacher  and one of the founding mmbers of the Indian Botanical Society. This medal is awarded every year to a distinguishd Idian Botanist( A life member of IBS) for his/her contributions  and devotion to the caus of Indian Botany on the recommendation of th Executive Council. A special function of the society is held annually during the Botanical Conference in connection with the presentation of this medal and a special lecture is delivered by the recipient of the medal. The following botanists have so far been honoured by this medal:-


Recipient      Year of award         Recipient       Year of award           
Prof. M.O.P. Iyengar    1957 Prof. S.C. Pandeya 1989
Prof. P. Maheshwari 1958 Prof. C.P. Malik 1990
Prof. P. Parija 1959 Prof. R.N. Lakhanpal 1991
Dr. E. K. Janaki Ammal 1960 Dr. B.S. Venkatachala 1992
Dr. B.P. Pal 1961 Prof.Dalbir Singh 1993
Prof. T.S. Sadasivan 1962 Dr.P.V. Sane 1994
Dr. Fr. H. Santapau 1963 Prof. R.S. Ambashta 1995
Prof. V. Puri 1964 Prof. C.P. Sharma 1996
Dr. M.S. Swaminathan 1965 Prof. M.S. Chennaveeraiah 1997
Prof. R. Misra 1966 Prof. R.S.Mhrotra 1998
Prof.R.K. Saksena 1967 Prof. J.S. Singh 1999
Prof. P.N. Mehra 1968 Prof. C. Manoharachary 2000
Prof. S. M. Sircar 1969 Prof. S.K. Sopory 2001
Prof. B.M. Johri 1970 Prof. M.M. Johri 2002
Prof. J. Venkateshwarlu 1971 Prof. S.P.Singh 2003
Prof. C.V. Subramanian 1972 Prof. P.K. Gupta 2004
Prof. R.P. Roy 1973 Prof. S.V.S. Chauhan 2005
Prof. A.K.Sharma 1974 Prof. A.K. Tyagi 2006
Prof. B.G.L. Swamy 1975 Dr. H.C. Chaturvedi 2007
Prof. D.D. Pant 1976 Prof. Y.P. Abrol 2008
Prof.  K.K. Nanda 1977 Dr. P.S. Ahuja 2009
Prof. T.S. Mahabale 1978 Prof. S.M. Reddy 2010
Prof. K.R. Surange 1979 Prof. J.P. Khurana 2011
Prof. S.C. Agarwala 1980  Prof. S. R. Yadav 2012
Prof. S.C. Maheshwari 1981  Dr. R. R. Rao 2013
Dr. T.N. Khoshoo 1982  Prof. R.S. Dwivedi 2014
Prof. B.N. Prasad 1983 Prof. P.C. Trivedi 2015
Prof. V.S. Rama Das 1985 Prof. Paramjit Khurana 2017
Prof. B.S. Mehrotra 1986  Prof. D.K. Maheshwari  2018
Prof. S. N. Mathur 1987    
Prof. S.K. Sinha 1988    




Panchanan Maheswari  Medal was instituted during 1977 by Dr. K. Subramanyam,Ex.Director,Botaqnical Survey  of India to commemorate the  memory  of Prof. P. Maheshwari,his revered ‘Guru’, in recognition  of his valuable contributions to Botanical Studies and in appreciation  of his service to society. The medal is awarded  each year to a distinguished  Indian Botanist (A life member of IBS) for original, sustained , and significant contributions to  the advancement of botanical knowledge  on the recommendation of Executive Council. In alternate years the medal is to     be awarded to a distinguished  botanist whose  area  of study is Angiosperm embryology(including descriptive ,phylogenetic,systematic and experimental embryology) or  taxonomy and floristics.A special function during the Botanical Conference is held annually is connection with the presentation of this medal and a  special lecture by the recipient of the medal.

The  following botanists have so far been honoured by this medal:-

Recipient Year of award                Recipient Year of award
Prof. Reayat Khan 1978 Prof. P.S.Bisen 1999
Prof. K.S. Thind 1979 Prof. M.R. Vijayaraghavan 2000
Prof. H.Y. Mohan Ram 1980 Prof. Uma Kant  2001
Prof. K.S. Bhargava 1981 Prof. T. Pulliah 2002
Dr. S.K. Jain 1982 Prof. P.M. Swamy 2003
Prof.  K.S. Bilgrami 1983 Prof. P.Tandon 2004
Prof. R.S. Rao 1984 Dr. M. Sanjapa 2005
Prof. P. Kachroo 1985 Prof. S.K. Datta 2006
Prof. H. Maheshwari Devi    1986 Prof. O.P. Saxena 2007
Dr. M.A. Rau 1987 Dr. M.P. Nayar 2008
Dr. R.P. Singh 1988 Prof. G.D. Sharma 2009
Prof. Uma Kant Sinha 1989 prof. M. Sabu 2010
Prof. S.S. Bir 1990  Prof. H. B. Singh 2011
Prof. S.S. Raghuvanshi 1991  Prof. R. S. Tripathi 2012 
Prof. M.M. Bhandari 1992  Prof. M. Anis 2013
Prof. Anupam Varma 1993  Prof. P.B. Kavi Kishore  2014
Dr. G. Panigrahi 1994  Prof. A.K. Pandey  2015
Prof. A.K. Koul 1995  Prof. S.K. Chaturvedi  2016
Prof. P.K.Deshpande 1996  Prof. Nanna Rama Swami   2017
Prof. G.S. Rawla 1997 Prof. Sadanandam Abbagani  2018
Prof. K.R. Shivanna 1998    



Vishwambhar Puri Medal was instituted during 1977, by Prof. V. Puri, for his well known services  to the society and the subject of Botany. The medal is awarded each year to a distinguished Indian Botanist ( Life member of IBS) for his/her significant contributions to the advancement of Botany on the recommendations of the Executive Council. In alternate year the medal is to be awarded to a distinguishd prson for contributions to Morphology of Angiosperms. A special function is organised during the Botanical   Conference  in connection with the presentation of this medal and a special lecture by the recipient of the medal. The following botanists have so far honoured by this medal:

Recipient Year of award    Recipient Year of award
Dr. K. Subramanyam 1978 Prof. R. N. Trivedi 1999
Prof. T.V. Dsikachary 1979 Prof. C.M. Govil 2000
Prof. V. R. Dnyansagar 1980 Prof.(Mrs.) Indira Kalyansundaram 2001
Prof. L.P.Mall 1981 Prof. Mohd.Iqbal 2002
Prof. B.Tiagi 1982 Prof.(Mrs.)V. Padmja 2003
Prof. Y.S.R.K. Sarma 1983 Prof. N.P. Vaikos 2004
Prof. J.J. Shah 1984 Prof. A.K. Bhtnagar 2005
Prof. Jafar Nizam 1985 Prof. K.V. Krishnamurthy 2006
Prof. Y.D. Tiagi 1986 Dr. J.L. Karihaloo 2007
Prof. G.P. Agarwal 1987 Prof. Ashwani Kumar 2008
Prof. R.M. Pai 1988 D.Sarvesh Kumar 2009
Prof. A.B. Prasad 1989 Prof. Ashok K. Jain 2010
Prof. K.S. Manilal 1990 Prof. H. S. Prakash 2011
Prof.Atul R. Mehta 1991  Dr. J. jagmohan Reddy 2012
Prof. G.R. Rao 1992  Dr. S. D. Bonde 2013
Prof. K.K. Lakhamanan 1993  Prof. D.A. Patil 2014 
Prof. G.S. paliwal 1994  Dr. N.C. Gautam  2015
Prof. Naresh Chandra 1995  Prof. G.V.S. Murthy  2016
prof. Bir Bahadur 1996  Prof. S. K. Dwivedi  2017
Prof. L. Janmejay Singh  1997  Prof. N. N. Tripathi  2018
Prof. J.D. patel 1998    


Y.S. Murty Medal was instituted during 1985, by Prof. Y.S. Murty Commemoration Committee. The medal is awarded each year to a distinguished young Botanist ( Life member/Fellow)member  of the society not more than 40 years of age for outstanding contributions in any branch of Botany. A special function is organised during the Botanical   Conference  in connection with the presentation of this medal and a special lecture by the recipient of the medal. The following botanists have been  honoured by this medal:

Recipient Year of award
Dr. D. Mukherjee 1986
Dr. Sharda Khandelwal 1987
Dr. A.K. Roy  1988
Dr. Tribhuwan Singh 1989
Dr. U.C.Lavania 1990
Dr. A.K. Pandey 1991
Dr. D.K. Maheshwari  1992
Dr. A.P. Garg 1993
Dr. S.K. Chaturvedi 1994
Dr. S.N. Bagchi 1995
Dr. Pushpa Koul 1996
Dr.Kailash Agrawal 1997
Dr.Vimla Y. 1998
Dr. Sonali Chaturvedi 1999
Dr.S.S. Sandhu 2000
Dr. Vidya Patni nee Ramani  2001
Dr. Manoj Dhar 2002
Dr. (Mrs.) Sangeta Srivastava  2003
Dr. (Miss) Sandhu Sareen 2004
Dr. B.M. Singh 2005
Dr.Tarun Kan 2006
Dr. P. Giridhar 2007
Dr. Rajesh Tandon 2008
Dr.P. Drivedi 2009
Dr. Rupam Kapoor 2010
Dr. Rakhi Chaturvedi 2011
Dr. Shashi pandey 2012
Dr. D. Nagaraju 2013
Dr. S. Karuppusamy 2014
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Arora 2015
Dr. G. S. Shekhawat 2016

Dr. Supriya Tiwari

Dr. Vimal Kumar Dubey





The Secretary invites nominations for each medal from the members of the Executive Council, office bearers for the last 5 Years and medal awardeess (Birbal Sahni/Panchanan Mheswari and Vishwambhar Puri medals) for the last 5 years. The valid nominations ar sent for balloting to the mmbers of the Executive Council along with the biodata prforma duly filld in. A majority shall elect but in case more than one persons scure equal votes, only such names shall be considered for second balloting. In case of a tie, decision will be taken by the draw of lots. All nominations should be made in an approvd performa accompanied by a detailed biodata.



This award was started in 2001 on the advice of Prof. A.K. Koul,m Jammu, Prsident of the socity in 2000. The merit certificate is given in the name of country’s notabl Agricultural  Scientist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan , FRS and Dr. Bahadur Singh , Founder Head, Department of Botany, B.R. College, Agra (now R.B.S. College) by his studnts Dr. S.N. Chaturvedi, B. R. College, paliwal and Prof. S.V.S. Chauhan. The medal is awarded each year to a young botanist below th age of 35 years. The rules are as follows:

Life members up to  the age of 35 years can participat. They will presnt their research work for 18 minuts followed by 5 minutes discussion. For best presentation Young Botanist Award ( Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Merit Certificate and Dr. Bahadur Sing Medal) is given every year. The selection will be based on a Committee of Judges appointed for the purpose. The minimum number of participants ahould be three. If more papers are received a committee will select best three for presentation at the conference.

The following young botanist have received this award:

  1. Dr. Venu Kaul (Jammu) 2001
  2. Dr. Susheel Vrma (Jammu) 2002
  3. Dr. Vandana Singh(Agra) 2003
  4. Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava (Lucknow) 2004
  5. Ms. Sampat Nehra (Jaipur) 2005
  6. Mr. Karuppusamy (Anantpur) 2006
  7. Ms. Geeta (jammu) 2007
  8. Ms. Poonam Meena (Jaipur)2008
  9. Dr. Priyanka Verma (Lucknow) 2011
  10. Dr. Pankaj  K. Arora (Hyderabad) 2012
  11. Dr. Neha Pandey 2013
  12. Siddharth K. Mihra (Sagar) 2014
  13. Dr. Swati Tripathi 2015
  14. Br. Pramod S., Kottayam 2018



Instituted in 2004 by his student Prof. S. M.Rddy, Warangal.The medal is awarded to a member (upto the age of 35 years) for best poster presentation(single author)

Follwing member has received the award:

  1. Dr.(Ms.) Vandana Singh (Agra) 2004
  2. Ms. Meenakshi Singh,(Lucknow)2005
  3. Ms. Surochita Basu,(Lucknow) 2006
  4. Ms.Chitra Wadhawani (Jaipur) 2007
  5. Ms. Parul Sharma,(Jaipur) 2008
  6. Rohan Gavankar (Mumbai) 2012
  7. Dr. Renuka Kohli (Jammu) 2013
  8. Dr. Akansha Srivastava 2014
  9. Anish M Samdurkar, Nagpur 2018



A medal for women scientist upto the age of 50 years is instituted by the society for a distinguished  lady botanist from year 2006. Nominations will be invited by the secretary from life member of the society every year . Applicant are required to submit detailed biodata, list of publications and reprints of ten best papers published for evaluation by committee constituted for the purpose. The selection will be based on a Committee of three Judges appointed for the purpose.

Following members has received the award:

Ms.Namrata Sharma (jammu) 2006

Ms. Seshu Lavania (Lucknow) 2007

Ms. Sindhu Sareen (Karnal) 2008

Dr. Alka Srivastava (Lucknow) 2011

Dr. Veenu Kaul (Jammu) 2012

Dr. Priyanka Agnihotri (Lucknow) 2013

 Dr. Seema Chauhan (Agra) 2014

Darshana Patel 2015

Dr. Alka Kumari, Lucknow 2018

Life Time Achievement Award


 Executive council and general body of I.B.S. (2008) decided to start "The Life Time Achievement Award " to be given to a distinguished Botanist who have rendered exceptional  service to any branch of plant sciences and services to the society on the recommendation of the Executive Council.

 Prof. C.V. Subramaniam   2009

Prof. A.K. Sharma            2010

Prof. S. N. Chaturvedi (AGRA) 2011

Prof. H.Y. Mohan Ram (New Delhi) 2012

Prof. A.K. Koul (JAMMU) 2013

Prof. R.M. Pai, (Aurangabad) 2014 

Prof. Dalbir singh,(Canada) 2015

Prof. C. Manoharachari, ( Hyderabad) 2016

Prof. S. C.  Maheshwari (Jaipur) 2017

Prof. S.K. Jain, (Lucknow) 2018




Instituted by Prof. Muniamma in 2011 for the best paper presented by a

lady botanist during the conference (age limit 50 yrs).

2011 Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava

2012 Dr. Padmini Remeteke

2013 Dr. Geeta

2014 N.F.S.


Instituted by the Late Prof. C.M. Govil and Prof. Y. Vimla and her family members in 2012 will be awarded to an outstanding Plant Morphologist/ Taxonomist upto the age of 50 years for his/her research contributions in any group of plant kingdom.

2012 Dr. K.S. Rajput

2013 Dr. V.M. Raole

2014 N.F.S.

2015 Dr. Yogesh Joshi


Instituted by students of Prof. S.N. Dixit in 2012. The medal is awarded to a Life Member (below the age of 50 yrs) for the best poster presentation during the conference.

2013 Dr. S.K. Mishra

2014 N.F.S.

2016 Gitanjali Singh 


Institute by students of Prof. S.V.S. Chauhan in 2013. The medal is awarded

to a life member (below the age of 25 yrs) for oral presentation of Research

Paper during the conference.

2014 Dr. Kutian Atul

 2015 Akshi Shani


1. Kajale Memorial Lecture (Alternate Years)

Prof. H. Y. Mohan Ram 1989
Dr. K.S. Bilgrami 1991
Prof. S. C. Pandeya  1993
Prof. H. C. Arya 1995
Prof. M.R. Vijayaraghavan  


Prof. Dalbir Sing 1999
Prof. R. P. Singh 2001
Prof. K.R. Shivanna 2003
Prof. A.K. Kaul 2005
Prof. S.V.S. Chauhan 2007
Prof. S.S. sharma 2015

 2. Uma Kant Sinha Memorial Lecture (Alternate Years)

Prof. A.K. Koul 1992
Prof. C. M. Govil  1994
Prof. S. C. Verma  1996
Prof. P.K. Gupta 1998
Prof. H. K. Goswami 2000
Prof. Akhilesh K. Tyagi 2002
Prof. K.V.B.R. Tilak 2004
Prof. jagadish Saran 2006
Dr. U.C.Lavania 2008

 Prof. R.N. Gohil 

Prof. Sumita Jha 

Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava

Prof. Y. K. Bansal








Dr. Panigrahi commemoration lectures in two fields (Taxonomy, Floristic, Nomenclature & Biogeography of the Indian flora, alternately on Angiosperms & Pteridophytes), to be delivered each year has been instituted.


Prof. S.S. Bir 1997
Prof. S. N. Patnaik 1998
Prof. R.M. Pai 1999
Prof. S.P. Khullar 2000
Dr. R.R. Rao 2001
Prof. G.K. Srivastava  2002
Dr. M. Sanjappa  2003
Dr. Subhash Chandra   2004
Dr. N.P. Singh 2005
Dr. P.B. Khare 2006
Prof. R.D. Gaur 2007
Prof. P.K. Khare 2008
 Prof. T.N. Bhardwaj 2010 

Prof. T. Pulliah 2011

Prof. N. Punetha 2012

Prof. C.B. Gena 2014

Prof. A.K. Jain 2015

Prof. B.L. Choudhary 2016


Students and well wishers of late Prof. Y. S. Murty instituted a memorial lecture in his honour. Every year a distinguished botanist is invited by  host University to deliver a lecture.

Society provide Rs. 3000/- as an  honorarium to all the speakers of Memorial Lecture.

Dr. K.S. Rajput (Vadodara) 2012

Prof.V. N. Raole (Baroda) 2013




The Iyenger-Sahni Award- An Endowment of Rs.15,000/- was made by Prof. T.S. Sadasivan to Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (BSIP), LUCKNOW, for a cash award to be given out of the annual interest from Rs. 15,000/- accured. The award is given in alternate years to the best paper which has  appeared in two volumes of Palaeobotanist and the Journal of Indian Botanical Society. The upper age limit of the awardee i.e. none  of the authors shall be  more than 40 years on the date of publications  of the paper. If there is more than one author for the paper selected the money will be equally shared. The expert committe is to be appointed by the Governing Body of BSIP. The first award  in 1984 will be for the papers published in Palaeobotanist.


Prof. Thomas Maxwell Harris Prize- This prize is instituted with  the ammount of Rs. 18,00/- donated by Prof. T. M. Harris and Rs. 3,200/- collected  by Dr. M. N. Bose from friens and well wishers and given to the Birbal Sahni Institute has decided  that the interest from  this endowment  may be utilized for a prize to be given  to a young scientist of age not exceeding 30 years for the best paper published  in the palaeobotanist and the Journal of Indian Botanical Society iin alternate years. this proze will be knows as "Prof. Thomas maxwell Harris Prize". The others rules of this prize will be similar to the "Iyengar-Sahni Award". The first prize will be awarded  in November, 1985 for the best paper published in the Palaeobotanist.


Prof. S.C. Dixit Cash Prize- This proize is instituted by Prof. S. C. Dixit to be given to women candidate up to the age of 45 years only, forthe best papers published in Journal of Indian Botanical Society. The prizes is of Rs. 500/- value (in 1985 only Rs. 250/-) is given out of interest accrued on the endowment of Rs. 5,000/- Papers should be single authourship.



S.N. Dixit Medal

Dr. S.K. Mishra (Sagar) 2013





(For Presentation of best paper in Botanical Conference)

With a view to improve the standard of presentation of research papers at the Botanical Conference and to attract and encourage the young scientists below the age of 30 years for contributing their best paper, it was decided in the Annual General Meeting on Dec. 29, 1982 to award each year Certificate of Merit for the best paper presented in each section during the Botanical Conference. Further a cash prize is also to be given from the annual interest accrued if donations of Rs. 1000/- or more are received for this purpose. The rules for the awards are :

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT— The authors of the papers must be members of the society, not above 30 years of age, as on 1st December of that year and the member presenting the paper adjudged as best will get the Certificate of Merit. In case no paper is found up to the mark in a particular section no certificate of merit will be awarded in that section.

CASH PRIZE— A cash prize of Rs. 500/- Shall be allowed to the person who has earned Certificate of Merit, when atleast three paper are presented for contest in that particular section.

MEDAL- In the Honor of senior Botanist students and well wishers of senior botanist donated Rs 25,000 each for the medal in eight different sections these medal will be awarded only on the recommendation of the experts at least six papers should be presented for these medals in each section.

The following persons have made donations of Rs. l000/- each for the section

mentioned for cash prize :

1. Mycology, Microbiology Plant Pathology, including seed Pathology  
1. Prof. K. S.Bilgrami and Prof. G. P. Agarwal (In the name of Prof. R.N. Tandon)

2. Prof. K. S. Bhargava

3. Prof. A. Mahadevan

4. Dr. G. Thottapilly

5. Prof. Dalbir Singh

6. Prof. T. Prasad

Medal in honor of Prof. O.P. Mall

II. Cryptogamic Botany (Cryptogams) including fossils

 1. Prof. Y.S.R.K. Sarma (In the name of Prof. Y. Bharadwaja)

2. Dr. U.D. Bongale

3. Dr. S.G. Bharati (Rs. 5000/-)

4. Prof. E. R. S. Talpasayi

(In the name of Prof. T.U. Chackoo)

5. Dr. (Mrs.) Pushpa Srivastava

(In the name of Prof. Jafar Nizam)

6. Dr. Jagdish Lal

7. Prof. B.S. Trivedi

Medal in honor of Prof. Jafar Nizam

III. Seed Plants, including fossils(Phenerogamous) Structure,Anatomy Reproductive Biology  

1. Prof. Reayat Khan

 2. Mrs. B. Venkata Ratnamma (In the name of Late Prof. B.S. Siva Rao)

Embryology including Seed & Fruit

3. Mrs. B. Venkata Ratnamma  (In the name of Prof. B. S. Siva Rao)

4. Dr. R.P.Singh and his Students

5. Prof. B.Tiagi

6. Prof. H. Maheswari Devi

7. Students of Prof. H. Maheswari Devi

8. Dr. R.H.Shete (Rs. 25,000)

Medal in honor of Prof. Y.S Murthy

IV. Taxonomy of Seed Plants  Floristis, including Biodiversity,Economic Botany including Ethnobotany & Pharmacognoxy

 1. Prof. K.S. Manilal

 2. Prof. R.S. Rao

Medal in honor of Prot Y.D Tiagi

V. Cell (Cytology) and Molecular Biology, Genetics and Plant Breeding

1. Prof. K.R.S. Ayyangar

 2. Prof. S.N. Chaturvedi

 3. Dr. R.S. Himanshu

Medal in honor of Prof. S.N. Chaturvedi

VI. Ecology; Plant Geography & Environmental studies

1. Prof. R. Misra 


Medal in honor of Prof. L.P. Mall

VII Plant Physiology, Biochemistry & Pharmacology

1. Prof K. K. Nanda

2. Prof S. C. Agarwala

3. Dr. G. V. Joshi Memorial Committee

Medal in honor of Prof. C.P Malik

VIII. Morphogenesis, Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology

 1. Prof. B. M. Johri (Rs. 2000/-)


Medal in honor of Prof. H.C. Arya

IX. Poster Section

Participants should send their full papers along with the illustrations on or

before the date given by the Secretary. Posters will be displayed as per

instructions given by the local organizing secretary of the annual conference.